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Digital Print

What you need
when you need
saves you money.

Speed and choice.

Quick turnaround and high quality printing is what today's marketplace demands. Compass Print operates an HP Indigo digital press, the most sophisticated digital printing press currently available to meet those demands.

Our HP Indigo press is primarily suited to short to medium length, litho-quality print runs.

Oh! and...

...personalisation is also a key feature of the Indigo for developing the 'ultimate marketing campaign' where brochures, leaflets, invites, menus, posters, flyers, name cards etc can all be personalised to your client's customer database.

It's not just putting a name on a piece of paper. It's about treating the recipient as an individual on a one to one basis.

Personalisation means you are speaking directly to that person.

Personalised direct marketing solutions can increase your response rates, maximise your return on investment and will help reinforce brand awareness.

So, add the personal touch and make a personal connection with your customers!